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Pediatric Dentist

Meet the Hygienists


Samantha  - Dr. Eun Sun Hwang - Pediatric Dentist in California, MD

Samantha earned her Dental Hygiene degree in 2018 from Fortis College. She has worked in pediatric dentistry since 2012, also having experience in general dentistry. Educating patients on dental hygiene and keeping the patients comfortable is what she strives to achieve. Spending time with her family and being outside is how she likes to enjoy her free time.


Xiomara- Dr. Eun Sun Hwang - Pediatric Dentist in California, MD

Xiomara began her dental journey in 2016 as a certified dental assistant. Her passion for dentistry grew very quickly after that and graduated in 2020 with her Associates of Science in Dental Hygiene. Xiomara says, "Dental anxiety begins at a young age and this something I plan to alleviate by guiding children through their visit and giving them the comfort they need and deserve. I love that I have the opportunity to make each child's visit a positive one." On her spare time, I love to spend time with my family and gardening. Add picture of Xiomara that is attached as well.


Natalia- Dr. Eun Sun Hwang - Pediatric Dentist in California, MD

Natalia began her dental career while still attending local High School as she attended Dental Assistant class at Tech Center and as soon as she graduated, she worked as a Dental Assistant while earning her prerequisite courses at CSM to get into University of Maryland School of Dentistry. She earned her Bachelor's in Dental Hygiene in 2017 and then worked in General Dentistry for 5 years before she made her way to Smile Castle. In her free time, she likes to enjoy her time with her family while also managing her side business as a travel agent.

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